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General Guidelines

Want to reserve Space 2435 or the Media Gateway at North Quad?

Please read through our Space Policies first:

The North Quad Shared Spaces support the needs of the North Quad complex’s students, faculty, and staff, followed by those of the campus community. These spaces can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis through reservation requests. Events should be inclusive, open to the North Quad community and not charge an entrance fee. Closed events are allowed to the North Quad building affiliates only, or those events being co-sponsored by a North Quad building affiliate.  A list of North Quad affiliates can be found in our Reservations page.

General Eligibility

  1. You must be a University of Michigan Student, Staff or Faculty member.
  2. If not affiliated with the university, your event must be specially directed toward benefiting the North Quad and University community and have a University of Michigan sponsor.

Event Planning Information

North Quad programming is happy to discuss event options with organizers, however it is the responsibility of the organizers to manage the event. Organizer responsibilities include:

  • Must contact the NQ Event Programming and Media Assistant at least 72 hours before the event to finalize tech details. All requests made after the deadline cannot be guaranteed to be filled.
  • Event filming and photography
  • Public Performance Rights for film screenings
  • Event setup and cleanup (additional details below)
  • Event promotion, fliers and announcements should be shared with the North Quad Programming Coordinator no later than one week in advance of the event.
  • Catering arrangements and delivery

Space Reservation Priority Levels

  1. North Quad building stakeholders. This includes students, faculty and staff from the North Quad Residential Community, Global Scholars Program, Max Kade House, Language Resource Center, Sweetland Center for Writing, Communication Studies, School of Information and Screen Arts & Cultures.
  2. University of Michigan students, faculty and staff, including departments, programs and student organizations.
  3. Ann Arbor community members with a University Sponsor (see eligibility above).

Level 1: Can reserve up to 2 years in advance.

Level 2: Can reserve starting 1 week after the first day of classes for the Fall semester.

Level 3: Should contact the NQ Technology Coordinator to discuss options. (Generally, reservations outside of the current semester are not permitted.)

Reservation Policies

Space 2435 and the Media Gateway can be reserved in advance for events that align with the vision of each space. Please view Spaces for more information about the rooms and their features. The Media Gateway and Space 2435 study rooms are available on a drop-in basis and cannot be reserved in advance.

Reservation requests must be made at least five business days before the proposed event. All groups and individuals interested in hosting an event must first submit an Online Reservation Request. The North Quad Programming Staff will respond to requests in the order they were received. Submitting a request does not guarantee that the event will be approved.

All reservations must provide a University Shortcode. Charges will only be made in the case of damages, loss of North Quad property or additional cleaning fees. Cleaning fees start at an hourly rate of $33 per hour.

For groups submitting a request from outside of the university, a credit card number will be accepted in place of a shortcode. They must also provide, in advance, proof of commercial general liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate, naming the University as an additional insured.

Student-organized events must provide the name and contact information of a faculty or staff member as their Event Sponsor. The sponsor will be held accountable for the behavior of the students in the space, while the students themselves will be held for their actions. Damages, loss of property or additional cleaning fees incurred will be charged to the account provided in the reservation form, or when necessary directly to the student organizer’s university account.

Recurring reservations are not allowed.  North Quad stakeholders and North Quad Programming may organize recurring events as long as they are not a closed course or have a frequency of more than once a month.  Otherwise, space can be reserved up to two weeks in advance of each individual event date if still available.

Tentative reservations are unacceptable. Reserving space as a backup takes away the opportunity for others to use it. Event cancellations must be made a week in advance of the event date. If your cancellation is made less than a week before your event or you do not show up for your event, the shortcode on file will be charged $100.

Space 2435 is a multipurpose space. It accommodates a variety of events, from exhibitions to lectures, screenings and workshops. Due to this variety, all event organizers should be aware that the space setup could change at any time based on the current events taking place. The Programming staff will do our best to accommodate the needs of every event. Event organizers should be prepared to adjust their event setup when necessary. For example, sometimes this means that setup on one side of the room may have to be moved to the other, or an art display will be up during a lecture event.

Cancellation Policy

Tentative reservations are unacceptable. Reserving space as a backup takes away the opportunity for others to use it. Event cancellations must be made a week in advance of the event date. If your cancellation is made less than a week before your event or you do not show up for your event, the shortcode on file will be charged $100.

Fire Doors

The two fire exits must not be blocked. There is one double door exit on the west side of the room and another single door on the north side of the room. These doors must be kept clear at all times. They should not be obstructed by tables, chairs or any type of signage or board.

Space 2435 Drop-in Policy

It is possible for an eligible group/individual to use Space 2435 on a drop-in basis. If the room is available, the room can be used for casual use, such as small informal group or class meetings, quiet study time, or interaction with the space technology or rotating exhibitions. The sponsor for a non-University group MUST be present at all times.

Event Setup and Cleanup

  • Space 2435 and the Media Gateway are limited-service spaces. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to set up and clean up their event and to make sure that they have everything that they need before our Tech Team member leaves.
  • Cleaning includes wiping tables free of spills, sweeping the floors and mopping when necessary, and discarding all trash in the trash bins.
  • Filled trash bags and larger trash items should be disposed at the North Quad Loading Dock, which is located halfway down the hall between Space 2435 and the Dining Hall on the right.
  • Cleaning supplies are stored in the white cabinet located in front of the south windows in Space 2435.
  • There are two standard trash bins and one recycling bin provided in Space 2435. If additional trash receptacles are needed, event organizers should submit a completed Plant Operations Work Order to the Plant Operations Call Center (326 East Hoover Street – 1002) or Fax: 763-2932 with their request. Additional trash receptacles may require a fee.
  • Please do not pour pop/coffee/soup/other food items in the bathroom sinks or drinking fountains outside of Space 2435. The water pressure is not enough to thoroughly flush things down the drains, therefore they get stuck, and create a drain backup.
  • Upon completion of an event, organizers are required to stack the chairs on the chair dollies and return them with the tables to the south side of the room next to the moveable whiteboard walls.

2435 Floor Plan Updated_

  • Decorations, flyers, etc. can be attached to walls with blue painter’s tape and push-pins only. Do not adhere anything to the north projection wall. All decorations must be removed upon completion of use.
  • Candles and open flame are prohibited.
  • Please exercise care during setup and cleanup. Do not stand on tables or chairs. Be alert to slippery floor surfaces during cleaning.
  • Failure to clean and ready a room for subsequent use will result in cleaning charges that will be billed to the group or the individual user. Damage to rooms or furniture will also be billed to the group or the individual user. Repeated incidents of failure to clean, or damage by a group or an individual may result in denial of future reservation privileges.

Digital Signage Policies

We are currently only accepting signs for events occurring in North Quad, or events sponsored by North Quad stakeholders that are happening elsewhere.

*Disclaimer: These policies could change without notice.*

  • Anyone can submit a sign for an event/course that is taking place in North Quad.
  • Any faculty or staff stakeholder can submit a sign that is sponsored by them, regardless of where it is taking place.
  • Graduate students wishing to submit an event occurring outside of North Quad must have it submitted by a faculty or staff stakeholder.
  • All signs submitted must include the time and location of the event and the stakeholder sponsoring the event.
  • Signs will be posted two weeks in advance of the event or course start date.
  • We will always try to get your signs posted, but we cannot guarantee it will appear if it is given to us within 3 business days of the event.
  • Please submit all signage to umnorthquad [at] umich [dot] edu
  • Digital signage guidelines:

1600 x 900 pixels
.jpg or .png
72 ppi

The 4 most common digital signage content mistakes (and how to fix them)



Food and Beverage

  1. All food served in Space 2435 must abide to the guidelines laid out in EHS Food Safety. Food must be prepared in a licensed kitchen. Serving homemade food that requires a refrigerator or heat to maintain is not allowed.
  2. If you plan to use a caterer, that caterer must be named on the reservation request form at the time of submission. If you use a caterer from the Caterers With University Contracts List, it will expedite your process. If you choose to use a caterer who is not on this list, you will be asked to contact an EHS representative for clearance. Your request will remain pending until the clearance is received.
  3. Space 2435 is located at 105 S. State Street in the North Quad building, on the corner of S. State St. & E. Washington University. There is 15-minute parking available in front of Space 2435 on S. State Street. Caterers can park there to drop off food; an event organizer is required to be present to open the S. State Street facing door of the space, which is permanently locked on the outside. For larger deliveries, the loading dock is located around the corner on E. Washington Street. Candles, open flames, and Sterno food warmers are prohibited. 

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is not allowed in Space 2435 under any circumstance.

Exhibition Policy

Space 2435 supports collaborative exhibitions that make use of the unique technology of the space. We only accept proposals for digital exhibitions. Space 2435 is not a standard exhibition space, and therefore cannot accommodate artwork that needs to be set out in the physical space. All exhibitions must provide a written description to be displayed on the wall outlining the intention/context of the exhibition. Technology available includes:

  • 6 high-definition monitors along the East wall
  • 2 high-definition wall projectors with BluRay/DVD player and VGA, HDMI, RCA & Component connection inputs
  • 1 podium microphone
  • 6 wireless handheld microphones
  • 2 wireless lapel microphones
  • 2 CatchBox microphones
  • Art hanging system for poster and print display
  • Easels for poster and print display

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to submit proposals for an exhibition that makes use of the unique technology in the space. Proposals should be submit at least 2 months in advance of the proposed timeline.

Exhibition proposals must include the following criteria:

  1. 1-2 paragraphs outlining the intention of the exhibition, collaborators how it aims to explore use of the technology in the space.
  2. Visual examples or links to content online should be provided when available.
  3. A timeline of the exhibition, including proposed set-up and take-down times. Please refer to the Space 2435 Programming Calendar for availability.

Additional requirements:

  • All exhibitions must provide a written description to be displayed on the wall outlining the intention/context of the exhibition.

Proposals should be sent to the North Quad Programming Team at:


All event organizers agree to unconditionally and irrevocably release the Regents of the University of Michigan, its employees and students (“University”) from liability, claims, causes, demands, and causes of action arising out of or related to any loss, damage, illness, death, or injury sustained by any participant in connection with any food, services, personnel, staff, beverages, rental items or equipment, props, entertainment, decorations, or other items not directly provided by the University.